Film Shoot Locations in Malibu

You can do an entire shoot at Dume Studios using the cyclorama stage and the property, or you can rent the studio by the day to supplement your larger production, shoot pickups, do voice over or ADR, or even just come watch your dailies on the 12 and a half foot screen!  We are very flexible and can provide full services to support your production taking place on Zuma Beach, or anywhere in the Malibu and Santa Monica area.

We have also been utilized when weather does not cooperate or changes.  We have a vast catalog of gorgeous 1080p stock footage of the area, and you can bring your talent to the studio, see real-time composited preview shots of your talent on our stock footage (or your own), shoot your shot list and composite it right here using our gear or your own!  We have professional editors and compositors on hand to help if you need it.