Point Dume Wedding Photograpy & Videography

The Sunset Restaurant and Bar has weddings on Point Dume nearly every weekend day during the summer.  If you choose to have your wedding there, or if you're a photographer shooting a Malibu wedding, Dume Studios can provide amazing additional photographs!  While you're all dressed up on your big day, come get a few shots on our cyclorama.  Paint it white for stunning ethereal pictures, or keep it green and get pictures and video that you can do really cool and funny things with.  You want to make it look like you got married in France?  Or a junkyard?  Or maybe you were married while surfing?  No problem!  Make that special day twice as fun with a quick trip over to Dume Studios.  We'll even come down and pick you up in style in our brand new Cadillac Escalade.

Bad weather on your wedding?  We can't fix that, but we can give you pictures that make it look like you had the sunny wedding you dreamed about.  We have photographed the entire area where the weddings take place, and we can shoot you on our green screen, remove the background and replace it with the sunny version.  Nobody will know it wasn't the real picture, unless they were there!